Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Indian Mutiny - our first game.

I wanted to test out the rules I was working on.  They've gone through several variations since, but there is nothing better for the wargamer than having a set date to have stuff ready.  Here is the first ever battle, relatively modest numbers of troops on each side.  The idea was a small detachment of British troops were being besieged by local rebels.  They'd eventually get some mutinuous regiments arriving to help out, hopefully before the arrival of the British relief column.
As it happened, the British hardly needed the relief force, the timid locals were held off and went the mutineers arrived they were duly rode down by the British cavalry!

These shots were taken on my old wargame table here in the UK.  Since then, all of the terrain and buildings have made their way out to Crete.  The table itself is much darker now and designed to replicate the one in Crete.

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