Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beer Mat Rocky Terrain with Diane

Rather foolishly, I asked whether there was anything that needed to be done.  

"We could do with some rocky outcrops," came the reply.


Off I went with a bucket and into the 30 degree heat on the hunt for suitable stones.  You don't really want rounded stones from the beach, you want nice jagged looking ones.

Half an hour later I was beginning to regret that I hadn't been too selective, the bucket was heavy and it was midday.

The next job was to find some suitable bases.  At Wargame Holidays, the games room is directly under the bar.  Ideal for the thirsty wargamer, but I was looking for something a little more useful than a beer.  Mary had neat little stacks of Amstel beer mats, hundreds of them.  She was happy for me to take an armful.

The only thing I needed now was a hot glue gun, some PVA and sand.

After hot gluing the stone or stones to the beer mat, cover the base with thick PVA and then dunk the whole thing in sand and gravel. The next job is to give the base a thorough coat of your basing colour.

OK, so they look like lumps of mouldy cheese on chocolate digestive biscuits.

The chocolate paint does dry darker.

Next job is to carefully dry brush the bases with a caramel colour.

Then give it a lighter dry brush with white.

How the rocks look on the table with some trees.

Close up of the rocks.  You can see that I've added some foliage to the bases.  I highly recommend Realistic Terrain's fantastic poppy field.  It is a mix of green and red, they also do green and yellow and green and lavender, very nice too.


  1. Just what I needed to see! Having only last night glued a couple of nice looking large stones onto old CDs, I was then wondering how to go about making the bases "corporate"... i.e. how to have - and stick to - a theme colour that'll do for all scenic basing... Now I know how to do it... Cheers, Diane!

  2. Thanks Richard, glad it was useful to you. I enjoyed making these, I expect Jon will want more of these soon. I'll put up pictures of the two other projects I didn't get a chance to finish. They'll be my first job in June.