Thursday, 12 April 2012

Building a 45 Foot table from scratch Part 2

This was phase two of the operation, bear with me if some of the shots are slightly out of sequence:

Phase One completed and Diane takes a well-deserved break.

One side of the table, the tile fit is pretty good.

The other side of the table show the fact that the dip has been dealt with and the tiles are lying nice and flat.

One of the corner sections proved to be a challenge as we need to make an infill about 18cm wide due to how the tiles lined up.

Part of the indented roadway at an early stage.

Some of the first tiles that have been PVA'd and then covered in a sand and gravel mix.

No, not an island, but one of the many hills and pieces of rough ground at the sand and gravel stage.

Another one of the hills, this time Galatas in the Crete 1941 game will be on this one.

The first stage in the making of Hill 107 for the Crete game.

The first tile that Diane completed, now covered in the dark brown paint.

One of the hills previously featured with partial brown covering.

An unbroken line of sanded tiles waiting to be painted.

Diane giving me that "do I have to paint them" look!

Diane carving out the road sections on a tile.

Using sandpaper to get some extra depth.

Applying wall filler to the road sections.

Using a cocktail stick to make tracks in the road surface.

Systematically working through the boards by painting them up to the next stage.

Our first test dry-brushing of a tile, two layers of progressively lighter brown-caramel.

Boards in all three stages.  Brown painted in the foreground, untextured in the centre and sanded to the rear.

Part 3 will follow soon.

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