Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Suda Bay Commonwealth War Graves

The Commonwealth War Graves site on Suda Bay is a poignant and tranquil place.  The site is around 2 hours from Kato Gouves where Wargame Holidays is based.  It is on the route to the Maleme battlefield site where there is a large German War Cemetery.

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  1. The thing I always find so moving, when visiting British/Commonwealth war grave cemetaries, (apart from the sheer numbers of fallen) is the splendid way they are kept in immaculate condition - including the headstones. When you think that forthe most part, the people buried here are "foreigners" to the country the fell in, it's a sobering but gladdening thought. Shame our own (English) cemetaries don't take heed, and keep them trimmed, clean, and beautiful...