Monday, 16 April 2012

Setting up the Crete 1941 Game Part 2

Here are all of the towns and villages featured in the Crete 1941 game.  The last shots show some of the units prepared for the game.  We made all of the buildings for the game.  Several of the terrain features appear in Diane's Wargame Widow articles in Battlegames Magazine.

Outskirts of Chania on the left hand table.

Half way up the left hand table is small village.

Another shot of the village.

Part of Prison Valley and the edge of Galatas. 

Galatas which saw heavy fighting in the real battle and in the game.

The Prison.

Maleme village.

Hill 107.

Another small village.

Part of Maleme airfield.

Tavronitis Bridge.

Looking down towards Maleme.

Prison Valley.

Top of the Chania table.

Part way down the Chania table.

Some of the Greek and Allied units.

More allies and their artillery.

German units, mainly mountain troops.

German glider troops.

German paratroopers.

I'll be posting up some shots of the bigger version of the game with all the extra units and terrain.

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