Sunday, 8 April 2012

Indian Mutiny - some new buildings

I like to keep adding to the Indian Mutiny buildings.  These were made straight after Diane had made some rather nice market stalls for an article for Battlegames Magazine.  She'd made too many fruit and veg for the stalls so I nicked some and made a shop.  Bitten with the building bug, I made another couple of structures at the same time.

A shop featuring Diane's fruit and veg!  She also made the pots with Das Pronto and rolled up some rectangles of T shirt material and made the bolts of fabric.  The main structure of the building is foam core.

A simple structure, with coffee stirrers for the walling.

A lolly pop stick fort.  I washed the lolly pop sticks with watered down wall filler to give it some texture.  

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