Thursday, 19 April 2012

Danish Wargamers' Normandy Game Part One

Normandy 1944 was the second game that the members of Chakoten played at Wargame Holidays in August 2011.
The German players had a mixed bag of German troops, regulars, Luftwaffe and SS reserves.  They had to hold the main road cutting across the centre of the top table and prevent deep penetration by the Anglo-American assault forces on the flanks.
To add to the challenge, the Germans had to contend with virtually Allied air superiority, so they could expect lots of Typhoons and strafing attacks.
I also briefed the Allies that an SAS unit was operating behind enemy lines and when appropriate they could activate them to launch a joint assault with the French Resistance against the German HQ.  At the same time I briefed them that they could drop a battalion of US paratroopers to seize a vital bridge to the left rear of the German lines.

First up some calm before the storm pictures and then the opening shots.


  1. I love the old Matchbox horse drawn fire 'engine'in German colours! I picked one up at a boot-fair only a few months back, ready for my Home Guard/Dad's Army use.

  2. I love it too, imagined it as a German field kitchen or something.