Friday, 13 April 2012

Building a 45 Foot table from scratch Part 3

Stage Three of the project.  Again I'm sorry if they are slightly out of order.  These shots were also taken in May 2010.  We had planned to be out in Crete for two weeks and we were running out of time.
Theo had sourced the insulation boards for us, but we'd spent a lot of time sorting out how we'd hold the table up to begin with.  Several trips to wood merchants were needed.  First to get the base boards, then to source the MDF - luckily one of the wood merchants took mercy on us and cut the 60cm squares.  This saved us lots of time.  Finding the right paints and even the brushes was also a challenge.
By this stage, we only had a few days left and Mary stepped in to help with the painting.

Working around the table adding in the roads.

Detail showing the small infill section due to the configuration of the table and the boards.

You can see that the sand and gravel mix is still drying.

When before the sand and gravel was dry the boards needed to be kept apart to prevent sticking.

Showing the difference before and after dry brushing.

Another shot of the test board.

Diane patch painting one of the boards.

As the paint dried, some areas needed an extra coat.

You can see how the paint looks like chocolate when wet.

Diane giving one of the road boards a coat of PVA.

Varying the thickness of the PVA coat gives you a more varied textured surface when the sand and gravel is added.

Diane is using a smaller brush for the edges to make sure the PVA doesn't go down the sides of the boards.

Another careful covering near the roadway to keep the texturing different.

After many hours of  work, the brown paint has been applied to all of the boards.

You can see that the paint is in various stages of drying.

Looking along the top end of the table.

Looking down part of the length of the top of the table.

A view across to the shorter table length.

Here you can see the general configuration of the table.

Once dry, the boards are fairly uniform in colour.

I suppose we used 15-20 litres of the brown paint and about half that in PVA.

Part Four will follow soon.

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