Saturday, 7 April 2012

Indian Mutiny - a new fort in one day!

I had intended to send my large 10 foot fort to Crete, but couldn't find boxes big enough and its rather fragile too.  Faced with the prospect of not having a centre piece fort for the test week with the guests in 2010 there was nothing for it but to make one from scratch.  With limited materials over there, I cut up off cuts from the terrain board project and set to:

The basic fort outline made from blue insulation board off-cuts - I stuck them together with a hot glue gun to speed things up.

Some of the fort sections being given a coat of PVA and sand for texture.

Preparing the brown paint undercoat, the great thing with the heat was the drying times were accelerated.

First fit onto the table.  Note the table hasn't had its greening process done yet, so this shows you how early this was in the whole Crete project.

A close up of one of the artillery bastions.

Close up of the interchangeable breach section.

Fort from the other angle, you can see that a lot of the soldiers still need to be unpacked!

A shot of the fort completed and in action during the test week Indian Mutiny game.

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