Saturday, 7 April 2012

Normandy - organising the collection

Before the Normandy collection headed off for Crete I'd pretty much run out of storage space in my wargames room.  The collection were in a mixture of Really Useful Boxes, fruit boxes, metal trays and under-bed storage boxes.  I wanted to ship them out in a logical way, unit by unit to save the huge confusion about what went where when they arrived:

Some of the last bits and pieces of the German forces waiting to be weathered, based and detailed.

One of the PzIV battalions.

Mixed bag of vehicles waiting for assignment.

Some of the bucket loads of Shermans, there must be 120 or more.

A Panther battalion.

Close up of a Panther from another battalion.

The Panther's friends and some Stugs.

German AA.

German softskins and recon.

German SP guns (the Sturmtiger didn't make the trip)

German SP on a French tank chassis.

The Sturmtiger again.

Tiger II.

More Shermans.

I'd forgotten I had this lot, they were a priority build later on. All of them got finished for the 2011 season, phew!

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