Sunday, 8 April 2012

Indian Mutiny Elephants, Wagons and Limbers WIP

I found some shots of the elephants, wagons and limbers being made and thought they might be of interest. The only thing you really need are some wagon wheels.  Irregular do a selection of them I think.  I got mine out of my bits box, so I can't really remember exactly where they came from.

This is a genuine Wargames Foundry elephant which is lovely I admit.

These are going to be the siege gun limbers.  Made from a carved block of balsa.  I stuck a piece of wire underneath for the axle.  Another bent piece of wire to hitch the gun to and two cocktail sticks to tether the elephant. The only genuine wargame item are the wheels.

WIP on one of the wagons.  A little bit of T shirt over some foam core off-cuts to give the impression of a load in the wagon.

Base coated scratch built wagon, made entirely out of balsa, except the wheels of course.  Lengths of wire were stuck underneath to hold the wheels in place.

Another shot of that Wargames Foundry elephant.

One of the HAT elephants painted up before basing.

A pack elephant if such a thing exists!

The old Hinchcliffe colonial wagon before basing and getting an elephant to tow it.

The scratch built wagon with accessories and a couple of Brits.

One of the two Indian elephants, since re-based.

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