Monday, 16 April 2012

Setting up the Crete 1941 Game Part 1

For our test week with guests Joe Dever, Jervis Johnson, Dave Ryan and Theofanis Kalevras we kicked off proceedings with the test playing of our Crete 1941.  The majority of the units were ready and most of the terrain done - we were a year ahead of the official opening of Wargame Holidays (
The game was great and worked really well, but it showed us we needed some extra German units (more paras) and needed to get more gliders, Ju52s and German aircraft.

The set up looking from the Tavronitiis River towards Maleme airfield and Hill 107.

Looking across towards the airfield.

The RAF camp at Maleme and Hill 107.

Looking down Prison Valley and towards Galatas.

Prison Valley.

View of Hill 107.

Looking along Prison Valley.

Across the end of Prison Valley towards Chania.

Another shot looking out towards Chania, the far table edge is sea.

An early shot of table before extra terrain features.

Looking towards Chania before all the terrain is down.

One of the vineyards.

Outskirts of Chania.

A better view of the Chania table.

Same view..

More shots of the villages of towns soon

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