Saturday, 7 April 2012

Crete 1941 making the buildings

A lot of buildings on sale for the Mediterranean theatre are really better suited to North Africa.  I wanted to make some typical Cretan village buildings so I really had to start from scratch.  Here is the first batch I got done for the 2011 season.  I'd already made some for the test week in 2010, but soon realised I needed a whole lot more:

Insulation foam and card mainly.

Corrugated cardboard roofs.

Shepherds houses.


Typical village houses.

Corner shop, don't ask for credit.

I painted watered down wall filler over the foam for the texturing.

Actually, this is the bakery.

Bit more up-market, but not much.

Corner house.

Little Greek Orthodox Churches.

Corner coffee shop with Lt. Theo outside.

Farm buildings.

Small rural dwellings.

Slightly grander residence.

Final batch, but I still needed to make more!

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