Saturday, 14 April 2012

Building a 45 Foot table from scratch Part 5

The final part of the terrain building project. This stage took us to the completion of the boards and many of the hills and other features.  These shots were taken about a week or so before the invited guests arrived in June 2010.

Tim on dry-brushing duty.

Each of the tiles had two layers of dry-brushing added.

How the dry-brushing transforms the colour of the boards.

Laying some of the buildings to get a idea of the scale.

Meanwhile, I was cutting out hills and features. 

Lots of them, these are at the PVA, sand and gravel stage.

Another view down the length of one of the sides of the table.

A view across one of the corners of the table. 

Tavronitis Bridge after some repairs awaiting a dried up river bed to span.

Test placing some of the new terrain features.

The first hill finished and awaiting some more greenery.

Looking along the top end of the table.

A view of the end of the shorter side of the table.

Another hill at an early stage.

More hill features, these will be woodland bases.

Making the dried up Tavronitis river bed.  It three tiles wide cutting across the table.

A lake at an early stage.

Tim dry-brushing one of the longer mountain backdrops.

Another shot of the dry-brushing.

Paint brush attrition was high.

Some of the hill and wood base features dry-brushed.

The Ju52s on the unfinished Maleme airfield with some of the sand bag positions we made to put around the base. 

Hill 107 before the trees and greenery were added.

Patiently waiting for the varnish to dry on the lake feature.

Still waiting....

Fencing for the perimeter of the Maleme airfield made and painted by Diane and Pat.

One of the hilly mountain features awaiting greenery and trees.

I'll be posting up some of the other terrain projects soon and adding some more features to the table.

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