Monday, 9 April 2012

WD3 Indian Mutiny thread nearing 30,000 hits

Back in November 2008 I started my Indian Mutiny project.  Since then I've been periodically updating the thread and now its within a few hits of 30,000.  Remarkable really as the Indian Mutiny was not exactly the sexy period it has become today.  Back then there was no Mutineer Miniatures for a start.  Getting hold of the figures was an exercise in patience, waiting for people to sell off their unpainted lead on Ebay.  I hit the ground running with a big order from Old Glory, despite the nay-sayers, the range is great and I love it.
Most of the shots from the thread are now on this blog, but I will continue to update the thread as new units are added.

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  1. We've hit the 30,000, thanks to all for looking!