Sunday, 8 April 2012

Indian Mutiny Artillery

For the Indian Mutiny, as far as the rebels go, any type of artillery piece would be acceptable.  Moth-balled old pieces were dug out and several pieces that had been sitting outside buildings as monuments to past were pressed into action.  The rebel princes had artillery pieces dating back years to a time when Clive was in India and there was still some of the continent in French hands.
The result was that I went for some Renaissance style pieces along with some more modern types, think ACW or even Napoleonic and you aren't far off.  For the rebel pieces, I decided to paint them in a variety of colours too.

Hinchcliffe I think.

Wargames Foundry - the British will have these for siege pieces.

Mainly standard 6pdrs.

Weird little things, don't know what they are, but they looked nice!

Antique pieces.

Standard pieces for the British.

More British artillery.

Some more siege pieces.

Light pieces for the mutineers.

First Corps guns for the mutineers.

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