Saturday, 7 April 2012

ACW - New Buildings for 2011

Some heavy hints bagged me a whole bunch of new resin 28mm buildings for the ACW project for Christmas 2010.  I finally got around to painting them.  I also made some of the others from scratch. 

This one was quite a find.  I typed in "colonial house" into Ebay and this popped up.  Its actually designed to have a light bulb in it and you put it out in the garden.  Total repaint, it was gloss painted with holes in the windows. Dealt with this and gave it a through overhaul including new tiles for the roof.  Very pleased with the outcome, the door is perfect size for 28mm.

One of the new scratchbuilt buildings for the Civil War.

Another scratchbuild.

And the front of it.

An old Ian Weekly cast finally painted up.

A Hovels building.

And another one, this one was fiddly.

Nice little Hovels shack.

Hovels barn with embellishments.

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