Sunday, 8 April 2012

Indian Mutiny units in progress

The Indian Mutiny bug really bit me and I was constantly on the hunt for figures and new ideas.  Here are some shots of the Ghurkas, mutineer gun crews, Afghans and command groups.  Note that the bases aren't finished at this point.

These are Redoubt Enterprises Ragged Rebels for the ACW, they make great civilians for the Indian Mutiny.

Mutineer gun crews needing their bases done.

More of them, they are all Wargames Foundry.

British commanders, Old Glory, very early stages.  Horses done and just the flesh finished.

Old Glory Mutineer commanders at around the same stage.

Gurkhas and Loyal Sikhs nearly done.

Old QT light Indian cavalry, ideal for rebel scouts.

Gurkha battalion flag done.

More Gurkhas, this time in khaki.

Afghan tribal cavalry needing their bases done.

All these units, you'll be pleased to hear and now done and over in Crete!

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