Sunday, 8 April 2012

Indian Mutiny Elephants, horses and limbers

Needed some towing items for the guns and too mean to buy Wargames Foundry limbers at twenty quid a pop!  I'd already bought some HAT 1:72nd Indian elephants for an abortive project and realised they were exactly the same size as the Foundry 28mm elephants....

A HAT plastic elephant towing a scratch built wagon with two Foundry seated British.  I raided Diane's jewellery box for the chains!

Another HAT elephant, this time he's towing an old Hinchliffe (I think) wagon.

Scratch built limber and Spencer Smith artillery piece.

And a second one to make up the battery.

Two more HAT elephants, this time with some Irregular Miniatures Kriegspiel blocks doubling up as ammunition boxes.

Work in progress on the Horse Artillery horses.

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