Saturday, 7 April 2012

ACW - up against it fast painting!

You might have gathered that I was several regiments short for the Armies of the Potomac and Northern Virginia in 2011.  I had to remedy the situation.  Normally I like to paint 10-20 figures in a batch, but this time it was 500+.  For ages you don't seem to be getting anywhere.  The feeling that if you paint just one more kepi you'll go bonkers is very real.
Nonetheless, after what seemed like an eternity, you do get to the stage when you are seeing a figure completely finished at 1 minute intervals!  That last bit of silver on the bayonet and hey presto!

Get the cavalry out of the way first, I hate painting horses.

Punctuate with commanders to give yourself a break and a treat.

Lavish a bit more time on the commanders than the rank and file.

Organise them up as you finish them and don't leave all the bases until last, I did and suffered from basing boredom.

Treat yourself by arranging them how they'll look on the battlefield.

Four regiment divisions with a commander for each.

They are mainly Perry figures.

I think they look great together.  I tried to use predominantly the same pose for a regiment.

A panoramic view of the Confederate batch.

The same lot before the basing.

Perry figures painted as Union troops.

More of the same.

A four regiment Union division deployed.

And another one.

Warrior Miniatures Confederate artillery wondering why they are pointing in the wrong direction!

Union artillery with some back-up.

Twelve of the new 25 man Union regiments.

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