Friday, 13 April 2012

Building a 45 Foot table from scratch Part 4

This stage four which saw us galloping to complete as much of the work as we could before returning to the UK.  We knew we had about another week in June before the guests arrived, but the project was huge and we needed to make as much progress as possible.

Where we left off, waiting for the boards to dry!

You can just see the infill section here on the corner.

Diane giving one of the hills a thorough coat of brown paint.

It looks alarmingly like melted chocolate.

But it does dry darker.

A test tile with a road section.

You can see the difference between the two test tiles with the dry brushing done and the plain brown ones.

Fairly chaotic, but all the tiles are now brown.  In need of a tidy up.

So what does a wargamer do?  He gets out the terrain and soldiers to see what they look like.

Couldn't resist doing this, it was the first time any soldiers, tanks or terrain had ever been on the table.

Some of the bits and pieces for the Crete 1941 game.  I wanted to get a sense of the scale, honest.

Some German armour.

Some of the British vehicles and the buildings made for the Maleme airfield.

Diane and Mary hit on the brilliant idea of dressing the table.  

Tidied up, the room looks a lot smarter.

My central control console, for the dice, tape measures, rules and so forth.

Looking down the outside edge of one of the table sides.

Looking across the room.

Looking from the inside corner across to the right.

Looking down the length of the first side, this is about 5m long.  Diane is unpacking soldiers.

Diane tidying up on the last day before we flew home.

Part 5 soon, featuring some new hands!

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