Saturday, 1 September 2012

Latest ACW additions

Bought a batch of old Minifigs, Hinchcliffe and Tradition figures (which needed a total repaint) to add to the bits and bobs I had left over.  Managed to squeeze four new 25 figure Confederate regiments out of them.  Also got hold of four guns for the Reb artillery bases I had just finished.
Best of all - after sitting unpainted for 30 or more years, I finally got around to painting a pair of wagons (Hinchcliffe).  More new bits and pieces to finish off to round off the ACW collection.  Another Reb Regiment, five or six Union regiments, about 30 Reb cavalry, 50 or so Union ones, four or five limbers, four more Union guns, a bunch of skirmishers and some brigade commanders. At that point enough is enough.  Antietam is on the agenda for next season's games - although we will still be offering Gettysburg or Chancellorsville if people prefer.

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