Wednesday 29 August 2012

New Ships for the Pirate games

We wanted to add some more merchant ships to the 28mm pirate game spectacular!  Managed to find these on ebay and after a spruce up and repaint, here are the results.  The ships are made from card and balsa:

The ships have Blue Moon 28mm French and Indian Wars figures onboard - all of the pirates are in Crete!

Victor's take on Wargame Holidays

We were delighted to  welcome Victor's party from Brazil in July this year.

Here's what Victor had to say about Wargame Holidays:

“My experience in the Wargames Holiday in Crete exceeded all my expectations. We were very well received by Jon and Diane. The four-day wargames were sublime. The game table, the models, miniatures, and especially the conduct of the game by Jon meant that I had the most interesting experience of my life in the hobby. By leaving Crete, we had the feeling that we left behind our family members. I must also mention my fine fellow players, who with great kindness and fair play allowed me to realize a dream. Thank you all. I hope to see you someday.”

Tuesday 28 August 2012

2013 Season Dates

Finally an update after a hectic summer.  Apologies to everyone.  Exciting news though, we are happy to announce the new season's dates and events!

So what’s on the agenda for 2013? First and foremost is our ambitious Anglo-Zulu War project. Played over two days, we start with a truly vast 6,000 figure 15mm refight of Isandlwana. On the second day, we focus in on Rorkes Drift in 28mm with every defender represented and hordes of Zulus. The second new addition is French and Indian Wars. We’ve created a massive forested landscape, studded with settlements and forts. Hundreds of Woodland Indians and French irregulars aim to descend on the British to cause chaos and mayhem. 
Our final new addition is 28mm Greek City States. We’re creating Athenian, Spartan, Corinthian and Theban armies and cities and throwing a large Persian raiding party into the mix. We’ll be using Hail Caesar for this new 2,500 strong collection. 
We open again on June 11 2013. Weeks run Tuesday to Tuesday, which includes seven night’s bed and breakfast and four whole days of wargaming. Dates and events are: June 11-18 – Isandlwana/Rorkes Drift & French & Indian Wars June 18-25 – Black Powder Week – ACW & Indian Mutiny June 25- July 2 – Buccaneers & Hoplites – 28mm pirates and Greeks July 9-16 – Greek Week – Crete 1941 & Greek City States July 16-23 – Warlord Week – Greek City States (Hail Caesar) & ACW (Black Powder) July 23-30 – WW2 Week – Crete 1941 and Normandy 1944 July 30 – August 6 – Exotic Week – Pirates and Indian Mutiny August dates to be confirmed. If you want a different mix of games then we are happy to switch the game mix if you get in first. You can book solo, or if you are a club contact us and ask about our discount packages. An apartment, which can sleep up to three adults, costs just £36 per night including breakfast. Each of the four days of gaming costs only £50 and you don’t even need to bring dice! If you need any help with flight bookings or suggestions, get in touch with us at