Saturday, 15 October 2011

Anglo-Zulu War 1879

It's been a long term desire to get this collection finished.  It was started several years ago, but finally it is nearing completion.  In the end we'll have all of Chelmsford and Dunford's columns, every single unit plus lots of fancy bits and pieces ready.  Against them will be all of the Zulu regiments involved in the Isandlwana campaign.  This is a major undertaking, we've gone for a very big man to figure ratio.  The regiments range from 60 figures minimum to a massive 450 figures. 

This is the biggest regiment the iNgobamakhosi ibutho.  There are 45 bases of figures.

New Blog

Finally got around to sorting out a new blog.  Frustration with the old Live Journal one has meant we haven't updated it for some time.  Hopefully, this one will be a lot easier to use and update on a regular basis. 
You can still see the updates on Facebook - just type in Wargame Holidays.
New season is shaping up well with lots of interest (suspect a lot of people are hoping to avoid the Olympics in 2012 too!).  Progress on all of the new periods and games we're offer for next season is very good, in fact we are a couple of months ahead of what we had hoped.  You'll be able to see the progress on the new periods here as they happen.