Thursday, 12 April 2012

Normandy 1944 - shots of one of the games Part 2

This is the second batch of shots from the same Normandy game.  We always like to throw in extra elements and specific missions for the commanders.  In this one, aside from the key German and Allied objectives, we had SAS and French resistance units ambushing German columns and an attempt by elements of an American airborne regiment trying to seize a key bridge.

One of the Panther companies deployed behind a hedgerow.

German SPs moving up through the bocage,

PzIVs deploying.

Lead US Shermans closing in on a German held farm.

Churchill Crocodile moving into position.

Stacked up Allied armour waiting for a breakthrough.

One Sherman comes to grief from a long range shot by a German 88.

Truck borne infantry moving up to support the armour. 

Stuarts which held a good third of the table for the most part of the game, the main Allied thrusts were to the extreme left and right of the deployment area.

American light tanks taking up defensive positions as the Shermans overtake them.

French family evacuating their home.

US truck borne infantry moving forward.

Mad dash by US armour as they move into position to engage the Germans.

Large column of German reinforcements coming under fire.

German SPs trying to get into some cover.

US infantry deploying as a second battalion moves up.

Shermans rushing through a gap in the German lines.

Americans take casualties as the attack develops.

Now this Tiger was a big disappointment.  It missed every shot and got knocked out by an American light tank from the rear! No Wittman obviously!

An SS infantryman looks on as his position is overrun by American Shermans.

American tanks taking on German armour.

US tank destroyers supported by infantry.

One of the last surviving German tanks in the forward line supported by Luftwaffe infantry.

Desperate measures for the Germans as the line begins to buckle.

One Stuart knocked out and another damaged.

German reconnaissance units on a bridge holding off American paratroopers. 

The Churchill Crocodile crew preparing a well-done Opel Blitz.

The culmination of an epic struggle between a PzIV and US tank destroyer. This went on for three turns before they both registered hits.  The German tank was knocked out and the tank destroyer heavily damaged.

US infantry moving to engage the SS.

SS infantry bugging out!

Another SS company hidden further up the bocage line.

A bit arty with the sunlight - an SS MG and HQ company in a walled enclosure.

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