Thursday, 12 April 2012

Normandy 1944 - shots of one of the games Part 1

This battle was fought between guests from Britain and Belgium in June 2011.  Each time we run the game we make changes to the set up and composition of the forces so we never play exactly the same game.  We ran the Normandy game several times over the course of the first season.  Here are some typical shots of the game featuring some of the units, buildings and terrain.

Sentry Models buildings.

Personalised Shermans!

Scratch built French buildings.

Rolling terrain.

US motorised infantry.

Girder bridge by Frontline Wargaming.

US Paratroopers.

SAS unit working with the French resistance.

Scratch built bocage.

Just some of the Shermans!

Abbey Ardennes painted by Colin Rumford.

German horse artillery.

Canadian armour massing for an attack.

Combined arms advancing.

Fighting amongst the bocage.

Shermans supported by tank destroyers.

Tank destroyers in the foreground.

Light tanks coming under fire.

German reinforcements.

US light tanks probing forward.

More scratch built French buildings.

Dug in German artillery.

German anti-tank unit.

More US infantry moving forward.

Shermans and Fireflies moving forward under the cover of smoke.

Shermans making a breakthrough.

Each of the Shermans is different.

US motorised infantry passing a wrecked church.

Canadian armour moving up.

Close up of the hedgerows.


  1. All I can say is "WOW!"... Diane takes some crackin' photos, but without your (combined?) efforts making superb scenery, realistic buildings, and umpteen good looking vehicles and tanks, the photos wouldn't be half as successful! Well done, excellent work, Jon & Diane.

  2. Thanks Richard, I can't wait to see what the new Indian Mutiny games look like and the new pirates one too. It'll be the first outing for the ships and soldiers and all the new terrain.