Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tents and Huts

Bit of a round up really.  Some close-ups of the Italeri tents and accessories, French Indian Wars Woodland Indian huts (bought five years ago at Salute) and some 15mm Anglo-Zulu War Zulu huts.  I made the masters of these years ago (about 1980!).  Since then the masters have been lost along with the original mould.  So I've knocked these up from some of the survivors which are plaster casts.  Have now made a new temporary mould to make thirty or forty of them for the new games. 

I bought these at Salute - I think they are JR Miniatures, might be wrong, they are light weight foam.

Items from the Italeri tent set.  They are designed for 1:72nd, but are fine for 28mm.

Some of my Zulu War hut survivors.  The originals were made from a carved piece of balsa covered in milliput with bits of string!

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