Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Battlegames issue 14 - Diane's article

Chocolate teapots

"Diane Sutherland reveals the unusual things her husband John does with decorative china."

In this article Diane looks at using pottery houses for the wargames table.  Apparently, some deluded souls actually collect Leonardo Tes Pots.  Have a look on Ebay for them, people want mad money for some of them.  The best option is to go to a car boot or "yard sale" and pick them up for next to nothing.  I didn't pay more than 50p for any of them.

A selection of smaller (15mm) pottery buildings.  These were part of a Christmas village scene.  Note the building centre left with the large hole in the side.  This was designed to take a tea-light, roughed up its better with a 75mm anti-tank gun.

A selection of Leonardo collectible tea pots, a door replacement was needed for the one on the left.  Where the remainder of the spouts and handles were too obvious, the sides of the buildings have been covered in Woodland Scenics turf.

Close up of the side of one of the Leonardo tea pots, with no detailing on the walls, the only option was to fill and then cover with Woodland Scenics turf.

Waffen SS mortar crew deployed in a 30p farmhouse money box yard.  There was a narrow slit in the top which was filled and textured with Milliput.  The farm had a thick pottery base, so half a low TSS hill has been stuck on to MDF base and textured.  The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the repainted Britain’s walling.

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Well worth a read.

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